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"Glass Horses"™

I accept commissions, and works in my "Glass Horses"™ series can be ordered and purchased by contacting one of the galleries that represent my original works. Please click here for more details.

› Click Here to Purchase or Commission One of Carol's "Glass Horses"™ Works

The "Glass Horses" series is inspired by my desire to incorporate both light, and spacial elements, in my work. Painting on sheets of thick glass allows me the opportunity to explore the dimension of light, and the free-standing works can be viewed from both sides. Shadows are cast from the horses themselves, through their positive and negative spaces. These works possess a three-dimensional presence, depending on how each piece is lit for display.

A complete work incorporates two sheets of glass, with painting on both sheets working together to create a single image. I use oils and cold wax together, creating transparent washes and glazes, opaque strokes, and richly textured areas. These all interact with the element of light, and bring its ever-changing qualities into play. I chose to have my glass sheets finished with flat polished edges, as this allows for yet another aspect of light prisms to reflect from the painted images, and enhances the interesting shadows that they create.

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