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I have named this series "Cavallo", which is Italian for "Horse". I find the energy and motion of these explorations into their exquisite forms reminiscent of the passion for Life that the Italians, in particular, are known to celebrate and embrace. This series is quite different from the colorful work that I have become somewhat "known" for. These black and white pieces are an extended exploration of my love for horses, and my attempt at communicating their exquisite forms in a more emotional release.

What I will say about this style is that it is a recent 'branching out' of my work. I find peace, grace, understanding and fortitude in horses, and I have gravitated towards painting a separate series of them in an appreciation for what they bring into my life. This "Cavallo" series is inspired by their strength and spirit. It is one of my ways of celebrating their existence on this earth, and how they constantly continue to help me to celebrate Life.

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