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How do I purchase an original painting?
You can contact the gallery, or event, where the original painting is being displayed, and their contact info is located next to each respective image. You can also contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about a piece, and how to purchase it through that gallery or museum show.

Do you take commissions for original paintings?
Yes, I do have a waiting list for commissions and am happy to take them on, as long as it is a subject that I am comfortable painting! If you already are a client of one of the fine galleries listed that currently represent my work, please contact them for more info on taking a commissioned piece by me, so that they can get credit for this special piece as well. Or you may contact us for more information, and please let us know if you are a client of one of these galleries. The galleries that we work with are our business partners, and prices for a commissioned work will be the same through us, as they would be through the galleries that represent my work. 

What is the wait time for a commissioned painting?
It depends on the time of year and the size of the painting. Smaller works typically run 2-3 months out, and larger works are scheduling 9-12 months out. Again, it depends on the time of year and Carol's current show schedule.

Where can I find your work in person?
You can view my original paintings at these galleries or at the shows listed on our Schedule of Events page.

What is a Giclée Print?
Giclée printing is one of the finest reproduction methods available in the fine art market today. The word "Giclée" is French for "fine spray". The Giclée printing process, when executed according to it's highest standards, has been recognized by many artists and institutions around the world as a fine art, museum-quality reproduction. Our Giclée prints are produced using only the finest archival pigment based inks, on either archival watercolor paper or canvas. The paper that we use is acid free, 100% cotton paper (the same type of paper that carol paints on). Because of the fine quality and "hand" of the paper, or the archival canvas if the print is published on that media, Carol is able to hand paint highlights with acrylics on each print after it is completed, which adds a unique and personal touch to each print. After a long sampling process to ensure that the color reproduction in each print is as close to the original painting itself, the color information is then sent to a sophisticated printer that is specifically designed to produce this type of print with the utmost accuracy. The image is formed by the spraying of fine dots of ink on the media, at the rate of up to one million droplets of ink per second. After each print has been completed, it is then inspected to ensure it meets our highest standards of quality. If the print is produced on canvas, it is then coated with an archival coating, to protect it from moisture and damaging ultraviolet light, since a canvas print need not be framed under glass. At this point, Carol paints highlights on each print. It is then again inspected, signed, numbered, issued a Certificate of Authenticity, and finished. We are very proud of the fine quality of prints which we offer to our collectors. They are created with meticulous attention to detail and quality.

When a print is marked as 'Sold Out,' will there ever be any more made?
After we have marked a print edition as 'Sold Out', that image has sold through the limited number of prints listed in that edition, and is no longer available for purchase. There will not ever be another limited edition of prints made from the same image twice.

Do you make prints of all of your paintings?
We traditionally release just 8 - 10 new images, as limited edition Giclée prints, per year. This means that only a small percentage of the total number of original paintings that Carol paints each year are actually taken to print. The sampling and printing process involved with our Giclée prints is very involved and time consuming, and we give each image that we choose to publish the amount of time and attention it deserves. We want to ensure that when each image is ultimately released as a print, we are as pleased with it as we can possibly be.

How do you determine edition sizes of your Giclée prints?
We typically like to keep our print edition sizes limited to smaller runs, in the only 30 to 50 images in the edition range. For some of our larger, "gallery wrapped" prints we may decide to make the edition in the size range of 75 to 100, as they involve a great deal of time in the sampling process. If the print is produced to help raise funds for one of our Causes, we may choose to make the edition size larger to help raise more funds for that Cause.

What does gallery wrapped mean?
A print that is gallery wrapped is one that is already stretched on stretcher bars, wired, and ready for immediate hanging. Because the image wraps around the sides of the stretcher bars, giving the print more of a contemporary look and feel, there is no need for additional framing, unless the customer so chooses.

What is the difference between an Artist Proof and a print in the regular edition?
Artist Proofs are traditionally considered to be more of a collector's item, because of both the smaller edition size, and the fact that Carol spends more time painting highlights on each Artist Proof. Typically, an edition of Artist Proofs is never more than 10% in size of the regular run of prints, This means, for example, that if there are 50 prints in the regular edition, there will only be 5 Artist Proofs along with that edition as well. There is no difference in the color reproduction, size, or quality between prints in the regular edition and Artist Proofs. Some collectors only purchase Artist Proofs, due to their much lower edition size and the fact that there is more highlighting time spent on each print by Carol. The prices of the Artist Proofs are higher, to reflect these factors.

How do I care for a Giclée print on Canvas?
Giclée prints should be treated with the same care as any piece of fine art. It is important to be aware that sunlight can cause permanent damage to anything: car paint, upholstery, our skin, original paintings, and Giclée prints, all if exposed for enough time, over periods of time. Invisible ultraviolet rays from sunlight and fluorescent light will cause the most damage to all of the above. Artwork, original or reproduction, should never be placed where it will be exposed to direct sunlight. Giclée prints that are done on canvas do not need to be framed under glass, however should be treated with the same care that you would use with an original oil painting. Simply use a very soft cloth of feather duster to lightly dust the surface of it when it requires it. Your print has been coated with a U.V.. protector, which inhibits the damaging effects of ultraviolet light, dust, and humidity. You would not use paper mats with a Giclée on canvas, as those always have to be framed under glass. Consult a reputable framer to assist you in choosing the proper framing for your print, so that you may enjoy it for years to come!

How do I care for a Giclée print on Watercolor Paper?
The same principle of avoiding direct sunlight, as mentioned in the above question of caring for a Giclée print on canvas, applies here. You should treat your Giclée print that is done on paper the same way that you would treat an original watercolor painting on paper. Giclée prints on watercolor paper should not be touched unless it is by a professional framer, as dirt and oils may damage the image. They should be left in their plastic packaging until they are ready to be matted and framed under glass. They should be framed using acid-free mounting materials and mats. Consult a reputable framer to assist you in framing your print ropily, so that you may enjoy it for many years to come!

Do you paint highlights on all of your prints?
Typically, in regards to our Giclée prints, yes. There are some exceptions, however. Carol doesn't paint highlights on any of our lithographs (but each is signed and numbered in their respective edition sizes). With the exception of one Giclée print, "The Beekeeper" (a black bear), Carol has painted highlights on all of the edition images, to date. She likes to add a more personal touch to our high-end Giclée prints, so that even though they are a reproduction, they also have some hand work done on them as well.

How do you ship your artwork?
We ship all of our artwork via UPS.

Who does your printing?
Rimrock Art & Frame in Billings, MT now does all of our Giclée printing, and Midland Printing in Billings, MT, prints all of our lithographs. Both companies are exceptional at their craft. Their attention to detail is immaculate, and both take pride in ensuring our highest standards of quality. These are the reasons we trust the reproduction of Carol's artwork with them!

Do you sell your artwork framed?
Carol's original works are all sold framed, unless Carol specifically paints them as a gallery wrapped canvas. If you see an original work that you are interested in learning more about or purchasing, please contact the gallery, or event, listed where that specific original painting is on display, and they will be happy to provide you with any and all information you are requesting. You can also contact us for further information!

If there are other questions you may have about Carol's work or the prints we offer, you can always contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your time and interest in Carol's work!

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